Автотехцентр Транс-Реал Сервис Россия, 121357, Москва, ул. Загорейская, 11
+7 (495) 075 6069
Схема проезда , info@trans-real.ru

Group of companies "TRANS-REAL" has been working in the Russian market since 1995. More than 150 highly skilled specialists are working in this company. Company's image and its trademark mean a high quality level of the goods offered and services given. "Quality in all" has become a name card of "TRANS-REAL".

Group of companies "TRANS-REAL" consists of:

"TRANS-REAL SKLAD AVTO" was organized in 2001 especially to coordinate direct supplies of spare parts for cars made in Europe, America and Asia. The warehouse complex with more than 1,5 thousands sq. meters area has been established for this purpose. The wholesale department represented by qualified specialists is carrying out wholesale trading of spare parts for cars. The network of customers which numbers now more than 500, covers almost all Russia's regions and includes wholesale and retail traders, technical and service motor car centers. One of the major principles of the company is establishing special partnership relations with authorized manufacturers and large distributors in Europe, America and Asia.

TRANS-REAL SERVICE - maintenance service complex for almost all world-known car models, including money-collecting and armoured cars. This is 2000 sq. meters of working areas, 22 working posts where metal and mechanical work, car body repair and painting works of any complexity can be carried out. Also, such works as complete car diagnostics, recapping, wheels balancing, installation of additional equipment, air conditioner diagnostics/filling are performed using up-to-date technologies and installation.

The long-term plans of "TRANS - REAL" Group involve the projects "Regional warehouses network" and "Moscow garage".

We are always opened for co-operation and looking for reliable partners!